I started working on this hawk drawing high in the mountains of Summerville Georgia early this fall.

Who thought Georgia will be so stunning? Actually I didn’t even know it existed.
The country’s rich green colors changing into orange, and the peaceful and easy going, but so deeply connected, life style I’ve experienced in the days we spent in this rural area, were magical.

We were invited to Georgia to stay at the house of the most beautiful, loving family I’ve ever met, till the hurricane Irma was over and it was safe for us to go back home to Orlando.

I kept seeing hawks in the morning sky, and found out it was the family’s favorite bird. So of course I had to draw it!

There is something so majestic about this bird, and that’s what I was after in this drawing.

Here is a look through the process and the final piece.

Hawk blog post collage
From a light sketch, to a realistic drawing. Liron Harat art studio
Hawk graphite drawing in the making. Liron Harat art studio.
Hawk graphite drawing . Liron Harat art studio.


The original drawing is not for sale, but you can find beautiful, high quality prints of it in my shop.

Till next time, have a wonderful week guys 🙂